Bag-in-Box for Post-Mix Syrups

Our packaging allows for the most hygienic and convenient method in which post-mix and concentrated syrup can be packed. This type of packaging will avoid the use of returnable tanks that have to cleaned and inspected for damage prior to filling.

Our packaging offers several benefits against the conventional methods previously used for filling and transporting these products which includes:

  • Low package cost
  • Most hygienic way to fill and distribute liquid products
  • Avoiding cleaning using aggressive and harmful chemicals
  • Bulk packing
  • Easy to fill and dispense
  • Tamper evident
  • Easier to dispense
  • Pack recyclability to support environmental issues

These packs can be used in both retail and commercial environments and can promote the customer brand name when using pre-printed outer boxes.

The markets for these products include:

  • Fast food outlets
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial use


Our technical team who have over 25 years of experience can advise you of most suitable packaging for your application.